Do Life Together

Move beyond the weekend service.

Church is a lab where we learn to love. The only way to learn unconditional love is to commit to live in community with people who don’t meet all your conditions. 🤯

How can we be in a room filled with people and still feel lonely?

With constant ways to connect on our smart phones, why is it that 36% of all Americans feel “serious loneliness?”

We can have wonderful acquaintances
but no one to go to when we have a bad day.

One of the enemy’s number one tactics to defeat and discourage people is this:

The Bible gives us a clear picture of how we are to combat isolation (Ecc. 4:12, Heb 10:24-25, Gal. 6:2):


In everyday life, we need each other!
Yet, many of us spend more time communicating via screen than through dialogue, shared meals, walks, or activities.

Because if we’re honest, community is intimidating.
It takes being vulnerable and, dare we say, commitment.
There can be no vulnerability without risk,
but there can be no community without vulnerability.

This is the heart behind our “Life is Better Together” campaign.
A movement.
A rallying cry.

We believe a few moments of bravery can lead to a culture of connectedness that
transforms a church and, in turn, the world.

Communication is an exchange of information.
Connection is an exchange of emotion, humanity, and divinity.

3 steps to a more connected, fulfilled life in genuine, true community:

Look at your schedule

If you look at someone’s calendar you can tell what is important.
How often are you gathering together with like-minded people?

While not the only way, one of the ways is by regularly attending church services. You’ve heard us say, “Don’t just come here. Be here.”

That is our prayer for this church family. We believe that making church a part of our weekly routine and engaging with your church family, talking with people in the lobby, showing up to Food Truck Sundays, etc., makes a difference in our relationship with the Lord, in our families, in our mental health, and in other areas of our lives.

Do an inventory of where your time went over the last few weeks. What is taking up the most time right now? Is it in cultivating the relationships you feel God most wants for you?

Make it Practical

God is everywhere, but our environment influences us deeply. Try adding one more day with members of your church family each month. If you attend services twice a month, add one more date on the calendar. Consider picking one event or a small group to join.

The incremental increases can do more for the soul than you’d ever imagine.

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.
Proverbs 27:17

Life is better when we grow together.

Use these links for more information about and to register for a group.

Invite someone to a meaningful meal

This month, we dare you to invite someone to an intentional meal. Whether you have a 1-bedroom studio, don’t feel like a “good cook,” or have a busy family life, we know this can feel uncomfortable.

But the results over time are life-changing.

Make it practical

Your invite to that one new friend, that couple, that single mom could do more in your life, and theirs, than you could ever know. We have the opportunity to bring back something beautiful from the Bible that has been lost in our society: gathering around the table for meals.

Whether it’s a coffee, simple appetizers, or takeout,
the point is not the ingredients.
It’s the invitation.

Not sure what to talk about?
Use this Meaningful Meals Guide, and kiss small-talk goodbye with our very own Qnnection app.

Find a cause and commit

People who BUILD together BOND together.

It’s a beautiful truth we see again and again. When we serve, our lives gain newfound senses of fulfillment,
purposefulness, connectedness, and joy that simply doesn’t come from anywhere else.

It’s also hands-down the fastest way to make deeper connections and friendships.

Make it practical

There are a lot of opportunities in our community and our church to serve on a Build Team at Pillar Church, AND we are working on opportunities to serve in our community as well. So, stay tuned!

Tips for diving in:

Don’t force yourself to do every step all at once. Go for one or two. Maybe even the ones that feel the most of a stretch.

Give yourself the grace to feel uncomfortable. Building community in a deeper way, especially as an adult, can take a little time. And that is okay. Trust the process.

Know that other people crave this. People around you are wanting to share meals, to be asked to coffee, to get vulnerable. It might be you who craves this
too, so step forward and make the first move.

Discipleship is best cultivated in meaningful relationships, holy moments, bonding, and building together.

These are simple yet mighty ways we can truly begin to see that life is better together.

So why not pick one step to do this week? Maybe even two?
We can’t wait to see the purpose, connection, and impact that will happen.


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