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We get it: walking through the doors of a church for the first time can be daunting. Depending on your past and/or present, it can range from intimidating to exciting. Regardless, you have to be pretty courageous and that makes you awesome!

We gather together
Saturdays 5:00p
Sundays 9:00a & 10:45a

You probably have some questions, as you should.

First, the heavy-hitting questions like:

Will I fit in?

Well, as long as you identify as part of the homosapien species, aka ‘human,’ you’ll fit right in.

But what you might be really asking is if you’re ‘like’ us, or vice versa. We’re a beautiful mosaic of humanity, broadly diverse in ages, ethnicities, and styles. And we don’t like to use broad strokes to ‘define’ people.

Can you fit in with that?

Will I be welcome?

Without question! Unless, of course, you go all stealth mode on us – avoiding all eye contact and interaction with another human being, last one in first one out.

And we certainly hope you are welcomed by people whose ‘job’ isn’t to welcome you. We strive to be a genuine community of connection.

What if I think God is mad at or disappointed with me?

That’s a tough place to be, and we’re really sorry to hear that. Maybe you think you’ve done too much, or you’re too far away.

As real as that might feel, can we just ask, “Who told you you’ve done too much? Who told you you’re too far away?” We don’t think that’s how God talks.

Yes, you might have done some stuff, maybe even really bad stuff. Yes, you might feel that you’re too far gone. But just because you feel that way doesn’t make it true. How else would you reconcile this scripture verse in Romans 5:8:

But God clearly shows and proves His own love for us, by the fact that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Want some help processing what you’re feeling? Reach out. We’d love to come alongside you in this.

What if I'm mad at or disappointed with God?

You’re not alone. It’s a common sentiment among many people.

Life has been hard. It’s not gone like you expected. God didn’t “show up” like you needed Him to in a specific moment or situation, or many times over. Maybe you’ve suffered at the hands of someone else’s brokenness, and God didn’t stop it. Maybe He didn’t answer a prayer like you wanted Him to.

It sucks. It’s painful.
You’re left feeling angry, bewildered, abandoned, and confused.

“I can’t trust God.”

We’ll say it again, “You are not alone.” The Bible is full of stories of people who felt the same way.

As difficult as it might be, we invite you to lean in, to step towards the hurt and all the other emotions that come with it.

Want some help processing what you’re feeling? Reach out. We’d love to come alongside you in this.

What if I've done too much?

How much do you have to do to cross the ‘too much’ line?

And who determines where that line is?!

Is there a ‘point of no return’?

Sure, you might feel immense shame, regret, or guilt for your past. Most people do. But that doesn’t mean our conclusion is correct.

“Yeah, but if you knew me…”

Join the club, friend! Fear of rejection is one of the most common human fears in the world. To which we would say, “Yeah, but if you knew us…”

And that’s the beautiful invitation! Get to know us – specifically the people who make up this church. You might find your story isn’t so far off from those around you. It’ll require some courage on your part, but we’d love to get to know the real you.

What if it's been a really long time?

Well then, welcome back! No matter how long it’s been since you’ve been in church, we know it can cause some anxiety. That’s okay! All we ask is that you suspend your skepticism. We might well be nothing like you last experienced. Our desire is that you would feel genuinely ‘at home.’

Now, the practical questions like:

Where do I park?

The short answer is park wherever you like.

The long answer is “it depends.” Use this campus map to determine your best parking spot. Parking is all around the buildings, including around Hope Clinic, Bedrosians, and street parking along N 78th Way.

Get here early enough and take your pick.

Got kids? We recommend parking at the south end of the building, closest to the Kids’ Main Entrance.



Is there a dress code?

Yes. Please come dressed 😂 .

Seriously though, we’re pretty much a “come as you are” bunch. Those who wear suits do so because they like to wear suits, not because they’re expected to come in their “church clothes.”

What is a service like?

Services are typically 75-80 minutes long.

We usually begin with several songs, and we encourage everyone to participate. This is way better than just religious karaoke. As with most things in life, participating is better than spectating. We’ll have all song lyrics on the screen so you can easily follow along.

We also take about 2mins every service to engage with those around us. We’ll throw an easy, intriguing, safe question on the screen to help the conversation get started. This is consistently one of the most meaningful parts of our services as we connect with the humanity of those around us.

Afterward, one of our pastors will come out to share an encouraging and hope-filled message that challenges us to rethink how we think about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

What if I have kids?

Hero Kids is available at every weekend service for kids from birth through 6th grade.

The south end of our lobby is our Hero Kids area where you’ll see the big welcome area. You’ll want to give yourself about 5-10 extra minutes to get them checked in and learn the process of how we prioritize your child’s safety. You’ll be able to walk through the Kids’ area and see the rooms.

We believe kids should have a blast at church every single week, so we make this a priority.

Your trust in us is very, very important, and we do not hold it lightly.

What do you have for students?

Our middle school students gather every Sunday morning during the 10:45a service. Head to the far north end of the building where The Story Cafe is, and they’ll be gathering in the living room area directly behind the Cafe. Our high school students gather Sundays at 6:00p here at the church.

What if I have questions once I get there?

Ask us! Most of our welcome team wears lanyards that say “How may I help you?” or you can come to our ‘New Here’ desk in the center of the lobby.

The Connect Card

Once you’re in your seat, you’ll see a card in the seat pocket in front of you that says, “Hi. 👋” We’d love for you to fill out that card (especially the French fries question) and bring it to the New Here table in the lobby.

If you’re not ready for the face-to-face just yet, no worries! You can leave it in your seat or simply drop it off in the ‘Tithes & Offerings’ box by each door as you exit the sanctuary.

15020 N Hayden Rd
Scottsdale AZ 85260

Start Here

Start Here is your very best first step in your journey. It’s an informal, safe, and conversational gathering every month for new-ish people just like yourself!

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