Don’t Just Come Here.
Be Here.

There’s one question we want you to answer. And it’s yours to answer.

“Is here God’s here for me?”

Maybe you’re fairly new-ish to Pillar.
You might have even been coming for a bit.
You may even be involved already.

In the most loving way possible, we want you to know that we’re not fans of long-term church dating.

Sure, it might work on the dating scene, but our desire for you is that you would know within your first six months of being here if this is going to be your home church family. And if not, that’s okay! We want you to find your church home, wherever that may be.

Step into Be Here, our on-ramp into church partnership. It’s not uncommon for people to go through this as part of their decision-making process. Completion of Be Here does not require nor obligate you to membership.

It’s meaningful.
It’s significant.
It’s romantic for His bride.

We invite you to BE HERE.


Saturday - 5:00p
Sunday - 9:00a & 10:45a


8110 E Cactus Rd, Suite 100
Scottsdale AZ 85260

(480) 426-8779

[email protected]