It's not about the brand.

Here, we build PILLARS.

Discipleship must never be reduced to a transfer of information or consumption of content.

Let’s be brutally honest:
We live in a day and age where you can access and consume ridiculous amounts of content, and some of the most common engagements with it are comments like 🔥🔥🔥, 💣 💣 💣, or ‘Facts!’

In Matthew 7:24-27, Jesus tells a story of two people.
For BOTH of them:
The rains pour.
The floods rise.
The winds beat.

Simply translated, life has storms.

But one thing separates the two people.
Just ONE.

And it’s not sinner vs. saint or Jew vs. Gentile or believer vs. unbeliever.

It’s doer vs. not doer.
Those who do, practice, train, obey what they hear
versus those who merely hear and move on.


So, what are you doing here?
Better yet, who are you becoming here?

Here, we build PILLARS.
Pillar people…

» Prize God’s presence
» are Immersed in identity in Christ
» Let the “I” die
» are Linked for leverage in meaningful relationships
» Align their lives with God’s cadence
» are Resilient in spiritual warfare
» are Sent out to bring shalom

That’s a lot. It can definitely feel overwhelming to try to live into all of that.

But here’s what we know:
Just like going to the gym with the intentionality to train,


Why didn't I know about that?

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